Humanitarian Projects

We will be cutting and tying fleece blankets and scarves for our area’s needy for the cold months ahead.  If you can help or know of possible donations, please contact Sister Laura Frei at 435-703-8772.


We are gathering items for babies of families who come and stay at the SwitchPoint Homeless Shelter.

Items needed are:

1) Diapers of all sizes

2) Baby bottles and bottle brushes

3) Baby wipes

4) Thermometers

5) Pacifiers

6) Blankets – Receiving and crib-sized blankets.

Youth Crisis Center

We are also putting together items for hygiene kits to give to the homeless and at-risk youth of our area.

Items needed are:

1) Toothpaste and tooth brushes

2) Shampoo and Conditioner

3) Soap

4) Wash clothes

5) Brushes and combs

6) 1/2 Socks are in real demand at this point!!!

Please place the kits in gallon-sized plastic Zip-lock bags.

Please contact Laura Frei at 435-703-8772 for drop off, pick-up, or any additional information.

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