2016 Singles Conference

“Stand Ye In Holy Places”


The Speakers/Performers for the 2016 Conference were as follows:

Sheri Peterson

Guitarist Sheri Peterson will be the Keynote Speaker/Performer at the Wednesday Night Fireside


Elder Kevin and Sister Debbie Ence will be the Keynote Speakers Saturday Morning

Susan Easton Black

Sister Susan Easton Black will be a Keynote Speaker Saturday Afternoon

George Durrant

Brother George Durrant will be a Keynote Speaker on Saturday Afternoon

Randy Wilkinson

President Randy & Linda Kae Wilkinson will be speaking at Sacrament meeting on Sunday

Josh Wright with Piano

Pianist Josh Wright will be the Keynote Speaker/Performer at the Sunday Evening Fireside


Late registration can be done on Wednesday beginning at 5:00 pm at the St. George East Stake Center during the Orientation and Ice Cream Social or at almost any activity.  Try to find the Conference Chair, Sister Anne Havens for questions about registration.

If you would like to register online, please click on the link below and it will take you to our registration on SQUARE.COM:


Pricing for the Single Adult Conference Complete Package will be as follows:

Late Registrations for all events (August & September, 2016): $45.00

There will be NO catered Meals for registrations in September as we have to have the final numbers to the caterers by September 1st.  After that, you may register only for Dances and Activities.

If anyone does not wish to purchase the complete package but rather opt for individual events, the prices are as follows:

Thursday lunch:  $4.00

Thursday Night Square Dancing Only: $10.00

Friday lunch: $4.00

St. George Live! Bus Tour (either Thursday or Friday): $3.00

Friday Night Dance: $10.00

Saturday Only Breakfast, Keynote Speakers, Lunch, and Workshops: $10.00

Saturday Night Dance: $10.00

If you would like to download or print a .pdf flyer for the conference to pass out to your family, friends, ward, or stake, click on either of the links below:

Quarter Sheet Flyer for Singles Conference

Half Sheet Flyer for Singles Conference

Full Sheet Flyer for Singles Conference







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